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Football betting terminology is one of the information summarizing the meanings of each match when you participate in the battle and bet. Understanding these terms will help you be more proactive in placing bets and better able to process information. And today, let’s follow us through the information about football betting terminology at 50JILI in more detail.

Overview of football betting

Overview of football betting
Overview of football betting

Football betting is no longer strange to those who are passionate about football. In the past, we watched the matches and placed additional bets to make the matches more exciting. Now, the appearance of more betting terms has somewhat increased the appeal and excitement of each match.

For those with many years of experience, these terms are no longer strange to them. However, new players when participating, if they know more about this information, will create more attraction and appeal.

Today, we will share with you some of the popular terms today.

Current football terms today

Grasping these terms, surely your football expertise in terms of information will be significantly increased as follows:

  • Underdog: The meaning of underdog is to indicate that the teams have a weaker squad ratio and playing history than their opponents in upcoming matches. Normally, players who accept bets on underdog matches will benefit from a score of 1-2 goals before the ball rolls. If the match ends according to the regulations, but the result does not exceed expectations. The underdog team will win based on the agreement from the players.
  • Bet Cancelled: This means that during the matches of the teams, there was a problem that caused the match to not go as planned and the match continued. This is called a bet cancelled and the bettor will be refunded.
  • CS Betting: This is a form of betting on the match score, those who like the ability to predict the score can choose and understand it in this sense.

Special terms in football betting

Special terms in football betting
Special terms in football betting

In addition, with the long-term development of the football tournament system, we also have some commonly used slangs today as follows

  • Far from shore: Refers to the betting results of matches that are not as expected and there may be unfortunate losses and losses.
  • Into shore: Refers to your betting results that have good signals, with the opportunity to receive many valuable rewards when winning bets.
  • Double bet: If you are confident that you can win a high percentage of the match, you can place another bet to receive double the reward.
  • Out of the field: Refers to a player who has committed 2 yellow cards and received 1 red card. From then on, that player will be disqualified from the match and will not be allowed to continue participating in any football matches taking place in the remaining time.

Football betting experience to win

Football betting experience to win
Football betting experience to win

To always have high chances of winning, you need to understand some common experiences as follows

  • Team: You need to learn about the history of the teams’ confrontations, the current form of the players and the weather conditions of that day. Grasping the parameters of the advantages, you can easily place bets and win the best
  • Bet level: Making a suitable bet level when participating is a necessary factor. Avoid the case when you win the bet, you bet too much, leading to burning your pocket.
  • Experience: You need to learn and learn from your predecessors about the playing style, how to deploy and choose the team. From there, you will optimize the chance of winning when participating in betting.


It can be seen that understanding the betting experience and football betting terminology is popular today. And this is one of the advantages when participating in football betting at 50JILI.

Hopefully, with the above information, it will help you to be completely confident. Get the best winning opportunities at the top football playing halls today.

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